Tongchuan: "Three Force"

Tongchuan: "Three Force"

  China Youth Network Beijing December 14 (Reporter Zhang Jianwei) Informatization, Intelligent Age has brought about profound changes in social environment, living habits and conceptual concepts, how to make new era people’s public welfare activities more in line with youth group personal value, society In the need of integration and interest, the Group’s "Youth Special" public welfare activities for the four consecutive four-year "Youth Special" public welfare activities were given. Implementing the goal of the community, socialization and flating reform, precisely cracking the social resources to mobilize the ability to mobilize the social resources, the fuzzy and efficient sense of effectiveness Extensive strength to participate, organizations to the remote mountain school, deep poor village, happiness community and rural revitalization of happiness life, effectively excited in the continued deep farming, orderly, attracting the spread of public welfare in society Organization and strength, gradually established a 24-well-known public welfare team covering the city, with more than 1,800 "group public welfare group", achieving the organization and service of the organization leadership and service. Branding implementation helps lead to improvement. The Municipal Committee gathered to participate in the social governance of the Communist Youth League, into the important public welfare project brand that is involved in the poverty, and enhanced influence in normalization, precision, and determines the direction of the service every year after listening to the face, surrounding a specific Youth group, fine achievement, so that every young volunteer, public welfare personnel have harvested friendship, gaining honor, giving honor, and granted "Group Public Welfare" alliance, youth honor chapter.

In order to improve the development of young social organizations, the lack of endogenous motivation, the group municipal party committee is striving for the support of the Civil Affairs Bureau and the city’s rural revitalization, launching the "Yi Youth Community" Tongchuan City Youth Public Welfare Investment Partnership Program, and Society Organization helps to take off the poverty, set project funds for 200,000 yuan, focus on poverty alleviation assistance, health assistance, psychological rehabilitation, skill training, etc. 15 outstanding public welfare projects that support the cultivation, extend the project library, fund library, talent library of youth society organizations, and achieve the "social governance" work, the depth integration of the participating means and service objects, attracting social organizations, The public welfare force is walking with the Communist Youth League, providing a generous social resource for the continuous development of "Youth Spectrum".

  Projectization construction boosts tissue power promotion.

In the Spring Festival, the first "Youth Special Column of Deep Poor Village" before the Spring Festival, the group municipal party committee selected 7 deep poor villages, collecting 307 poverty-stricken children, and fully develop the resources in the implementation of the activities, expected goals And social assessment, adopting online recruitment of socialization, reflecting care to present a mentally willing to no more than 365 yuan, public welfare claim, public welfare delivery, and the influence of youth columns firmly in the hearts of 290 volunteers involved in the event, In 2019, the number of people wished to cover the number of 507 people, and the brand influence was further expanded.

In 2020, the Municipal Committee implemented consumption poverty alleviation requirements, organized sales enterprises in-depth poverty alleviation factory, poor households, preferably Yunjun bitter, corn dragon tea, walnut pepper sauce and other poverty alleviation products, and create a value of 10,000 yuan Tong Xiaoyan Consumer Poverty Alleviation Package " Public welfare positions, delivery to achieve poor households, public welfare love power, and path closed loops with the happiness of the masses, and the effect is multiplied. The 2021 Municipal Party Committee jointly produced youth special columns to the country’s revitalization of happiness, in the city, all of the city’s left-behind children, gathered in Qanta’s public welfare power to Tongchuan, and realize the multivariates of youth special assurance. Since 2020, the Group has funded the transfer of Tongchuan City Immigration to establish 2 young "Science and Technology" professional counseling team to provide talent protection, data programming, 3D printing and other artificial intelligence Training.

  Social mobilization boosts service improvement. In the "Youth Special" public welfare activities, the whole chain of the group municipal committee adopted social launch, organizational implementation and summary assessment.

In fighting in the fight against the new champion, the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee rapidly built a total of 131 Youth Association in the "One Four Wing" working structure of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China. The team fought in the epidemic.

In July 2021, Shangluo storm flood disaster, the group municipal party committee moved, the first time issued an initiative to the city’s group of people, calling the mobilization of the Qinglian members, young entrepreneurs, youth volunteers, social love people to actively participate in love contributions After the action, after contacting the Red Cross of Shangluo City, accurately carry out an urgent material fundraising in the disaster area, the Municipal Youth Volunteer Association, Copper Xiaoyan Home, the N + 1 Love Assistance Association actively respond, wide mobilization publicity, public welfare Organization donated a bedding, flash, raincoat, rain boots, shovel, disinfectant, and emergency medicines, etc. worth 300,000 yuan. At the Tongchuan Youth Volunteer Association in August 2021, members of the public welfare group became the middle-flow column in the first batch of members. In key operations such as poverty, rural revitalization, and creation, the Communist Youth League continues to be fully released in social mobilization and resource integration. The "sound as a" Yellow Ribbon Public Welfare Action, "Copper Xiaoyan", the "Copper Xiaoyan", the "Shanli Children]" Public Welfare Summer Camp and Youth "Heart Hope" Psychological Health Science Sand Table Tour A group of young social workers, explored the personalization, customization of the "government funding authorization, social workers team undertake, the coordination management of the Communist Youth League," to make the public welfare social workers have become a government service.