Ten million yuan in the Ling Pharmaceutical

Ten million yuan in the Ling Pharmaceutical

A difficult one, P Plus support. Taking the Ling Pharmaceutical profits in the field of medicine and great health, the first time is the first time to send urgently needed protective materials, including the flowers of the flower and the sediment capsules, and the antibacterial washing liquids. Continuous antibacterial spray, even the flower, the sachet, the disposable medical mask, etc. The batch of materials will be targeted to participate in the first line of people who participate in flood control and disaster relief. Among them, even the flower is the patented innovation Chinese medicine developed during the 2003 "SARS" period in 2003, which is the basic drug catalog and national medical insurance catalog variety. It has broad-spectrum antiviral effects, for SARS, A influenza virus, B Influenza, new coronavirus, and various ordinary cold viruses have a good inhibitory antagonistic effect, while effectively inhibiting a variety of bacteria, preventing pulmonary infection, improving the body’s immunity. Since the listing, even the flowers have been included in the National Health and Justice Committee and the Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration and other departments of the National Health Bureau and the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ebola, New Crown Pneumonia and other infectious disease treatment programs. Recommended medication. "Traditional Chinese Medicine Concentrates" has won the second prize of 2011 National Science and Technology Progress, which has become a representative drug in my country to respond to viral infectious public health incidents, and become a treatment of cold, flu, neoguanponic pneumonia and other breathing Family of systematic diseases standby drugs. In the international, there is a liquid in the hotspots in the eyes of overseas media. At present, there are more than 20 countries and regions such as Brazil, Philippines, Indonesia, and Canada, and launched registration work in more than 30 countries, and gain international recognition and become a Chinese medicine to go out of the country. business card".

Even the flower and cough is a newly approved Chinese medicine patent medicine in May 2020, the national medical care variety, which has the effect of Xuanfei heating and phlegm and cough.

It not only can dilute the sputum, promote the discharge of sputum, and the sputum can alleviate the trachea, the broncho blockage, smooth respiratory; also reducing the inflammatory response, thereby reducing the high-reactivity caused by airway inflammation; The cough has a broad-spectrum antibacterial antivirus, which has inhibitory effect on golden Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, hemolytic streptococcus, pneumococcus, and the like.

At the same time, the prevention and treatment of new collar pneumonia was also confirmed by laboratory and clinical research.

Flower breathing health series is the herbal essence of drugs, medicine food homologous components, and the ability of virus and bacterial inhibition, killing, extends to the series of products developed in the protective product, through the resistance Broken virus people, physical pass, environmental sake of three paths to prevent disease infection and purpose. Flower foam / free antibacterial washing liquid, congenital antibacterial hand cream, conviced / clear antibacterial spray can eliminate and inhibit bacteria, viruses in the surrounding environment, protective respiratory tract is not outside bacteria, viruses Invading; losing the blossoms, one-time medical mask and other products protect the human nose, mouth, eyes, skin, etc., prevent external bacteria, viruses into the body. Drug and murder protective materials play a synergy, from the external environment to the human body surface, respiratory tract, form a full chain protection in the internal and external environment in the human body. In the face of flood disasters, do a good job in killing protection is especially important. Therefore, the Emergency transfer of Ridge Pharmaceuticals is 10 million yuan in personal epidemic prevention and murder.

Under the leader of "inheriting innovation, benefiting humanity", Ling Pharmaceuticals, long-term sense of social responsibility, has donated hundreds of millions of drugs, materials and funds in my country and the international disaster area in recent years, have been rescued in China and the international disaster area. The most social responsibility of listed companies, the social responsibility contribution prize of China Pharmaceutical Enterprises, China Health Public Welfare Star Top Ten Public Welfare Enterprises, Enterprise Social Responsibility Pioneer Prize.

The Linglong Pharmaceutical will continue to pay attention to Henan’s mood, and the dangerous moment is connected to Henan people. Watching each other, and pay tribute to each rescue worker who fights in front.

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