South Net Media Company: "Three Real Recruitment" promotes the development of media deep integration

South Net Media Company: "Three Real Recruitment" promotes the development of media deep integration

In recent years, Nanwang Media Company has rely on digital technology and actively promotes reform.

The picture shows the audience to experience the media innovation of Nanwang Media Company at the China Network Forum Exhibition.

Zhong Qianling’s photo "By understanding in the exhibition area, I saw how Nanwang Media Company explore and applied for electricity, power, and communication force.

"November 24th, 2021 China Network Media Forum New Technology New Application New Application New Application", the first bare eye 3D technology communication application, the economic operation analysis of the national data pilot demonstration project, "immersive" party history The real media innovation results are unveiled in the scene.

  In recent years, Nanwang Media Company has conscientiously implemented the decision-making deputies of the Party Group of Southern Power Grid, and the hoof intensive and carrying out reform practices. He gradually explored the reform path of institutional reform and mechanism reform, with the integration system and stimulating. Reform and breaking the implications, the digital transformation empowering the "three real tricks", opened a new chapter in the company’s reform and development, further promoted the development of media deep integration. "We will continue to insist on guiding as soul, mobile is the first, the content is king, innovation is to, grasp the national enterprise reform history opportunity, and resolutely implement the three-year tasks of state-owned enterprise reforms, and strive to build a central enterprise media company to reform the benchmark.

"The relevant person in charge of the Nanwang Media Company said.

  Establishing the orientation, the integral assessment is stimulating in recent years, with the continuous development, South Net Media Company gradually constructs full media matrices such as newspapers, magazines, websites, film, microblogging, WeChat, H5 and other full media matrices, communication power, guiding power, influence The credibility is continuously improved, but due to the lack of scientific competition evaluation criteria, employee vitality and insufficient problems. In 2019, the Party Committee of the South Net Media Company decided to accelerate the "three mechanisms" construction of "integrated media sharing, compliance operation sharing, human resources sharing", explore the implementation of integral assessment model.

  According to reports, Nanwang Media Company has re-established a post manual with the characteristics of the accumulation system, and establishes the integral system and scoring rules including business points, project points, service points, and implementing differentiation points. Most less mechanisms are established.

Through the implementation of the integral assessment, the employee is "sending a single" to the active "grab", and the same level personnel have a maximum gang of more than 3 times. "Since each job can quantify points, do little is small, the big guy is more powerful than before." Nanwang Media Company Head Media Center (Headquartie) Advanced Editor He Yu said, Point system Approach further stimulates the enthusiasm of employee officers, and injected new motivation for the company. At the same time, Nanwang Media Company conducts performance, and helps employees in time to formulate adjustments and improvements in time, and do strict assessment and warm care, and maintain the stability of employees. The restructuring and integration, most system reforms, the resolution of the fence Lin Rongrong, the source of the Nanwang Media Company, editorial reporter. In September this year, after the hiring, she became the company’s Mong Media Center (Headquarters) Headquarters Working Group (Party News Expert) One member, completed the transformation from the "cross-border" mainly responsible for the interview with news planning. "I feel the real changes caused by the institutional reform, I hope I can continuously enhance the foot, my eyes, mybital, and pen force on the new position." Since this year, Nanwang Media Company has resolutely implemented the "three systems" of Southern Power Grid Corporation Reform requirements, based on the construction of the "three mechanisms" construction, repeated investigation, detailed argument, and fully launched the institutional reform in June. The company has subtracted down in the number of institutions, according to the "four + three-center + two committees", the original 14 departments will be adjusted, of which 10 business units integrate into 3 centers and set up two professional committees. And implement all staff standing, competition or group employment, through resource integration, architecture restructuring inspiration reform new kinetic energy. At the same time, the company also organizes functional addition, emphasizing a special multi-can, realizing media, emphasizing from simple content production, focusing on content production and news consulting services, paying more attention to external Xuan and International Communication extend.

Multiplication in business efficiency, achieving a collection, multiple dissemination, continuously enhancing multiple production, multi-channel communication capabilities. "Through the competition, three census, the two committees appointed 11 departments; 145 employees have achieved comprehensive adjustments in the post-assessment of hiring, and cadres and employees have conducted comprehensive adjustments in the past three years. ‘Can be able to go down’, the employee ‘can enter ", further inspiring the internal vitality of the cadre employee." Nanwang Media Company organized Director Tang Yi, director of the Personnel Department.

  "This institution reform is not a simple withdrawal department, flat management, and more importantly, through institutional reform, the organism ‘chemical reaction" is stimulated. "Nanwang Media Company Rong Media Center (Sub-edience department) Director Yin Wu Jin gave an example: Rongdong Media Center (Headquarters) Through the institutional reform, completely break the old model of the newspaper, magazine, network, film and so on, and realize the landscape and integration of various media in the old model of newspapers, magazines, networks, film and so on. In order to provide a broader stage for excellent talents.

  Technology driver, digital transformation Embigator Development 2020, the original South Net Media Co., Ltd. officially changed its name to Southern Power Grid Digital Media Technology Co., Ltd., actively tracing new pace of transition. In May this year, in order to strengthen the news propaganda work, the Nanfang Grid Company News Center is set up, and the Nanwang Media Company is managed in accordance with the "two brands, a set of horses" models.

  Implementing digital media transformation, the construction of the media sharing digital platform is one of the important means.

On November 23, the Southern Power Grid Guizhou Guiyang Kaiyang Power Supply Bureau propaganda Fan Mao just like it to open the Hertz integration media shared digital platform editing center interface, uploading the news manuscript, one-click, and submit it to the Southern Power Grid Company News Center.

"With this platform, the same news material does not have to deliver different media, which will be reduced and avoided, and it has increased the draft." Fan Mao said. The main person in charge of the development of digital platform projects, the main person in charge of Digital Science and Technology Center, Digital platform, promote the integration of Southern Power Grid News Promotional Resources, which has been initially built into a series of integrated media sharing digital platforms covering the Southern Power Grid Corporation System, promoting more than 2100 publicity and communication from the line to the line, and realize the policy Integrated operation. "Next, we will further collect the need for use, actively carry out the independent research and development of the media sharing digital platform, speed up the completion of the core technical research." Chen Qingming said that the Nanwang Media Company will build a role through the research and development of the platform. Quickly reactive digital media technology research and development team, gradually improve and strengthen the capacity and level of the company in the field of digital media. (Editor: Li Lang, Chen Yizhu) Sharing let more people see client downloads.