Tianjin Jinnan District Fire Rescue Detachment launches Party History Learning Education

Tianjin Jinnan District Fire Rescue Detachment launches Party History Learning Education

A few days ago, Zhang Bin, secretary of the party committee and political committee of the fire rescue detachment in Jinnan District, Tianjin, and the "We are all dreaming people", and all the guidance of the party history of the party history.

The party courses are cut in three levels of "realizing the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation, realizing the self-worth of self-value, the modernization of fire protection work", and launched a vivid and detailed ideological education for the warfare. From the Communist Party, the Chinese people stand up, and it is rich to strengthen the glory of the game, refers to the initial mission of the war.

Yuan Longping’s hardship invented rice, Yu Mimic surname is the name of hydrogen, Huang Dafa is 30 years of construction … From a vivid image name, in the deeds of people, the fighters deeply understand the spirit of unnecessary people.

The whole lecture level is clear, the content is rich, the case is informative, and there is both theoretical analysis, and practice, it is guided the guidance of the fighters to continue the mental blood, and practice the initial mission with practical actions. The party class has put forward three points to all fire refers to the warfare. First, we must firmly believe in, perform the duties, and make a solid support for the party to protect the party and defenders. Second, we must love the dedication, hard practice, and do the practitioners who love the fire protection.

The third is to work hard, seek truth-seeking, doing the dreamer of the business entrepreneurship, the actual person. All of the warfaremen said that they must always strengthen their ideals, high spirits, and constantly endive in the new historical starting point, and make new and greater contributions in their position.

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