Sun Ying: Taking loyalty and paying fairness and justice

Sun Ying: Taking loyalty and paying fairness and justice

In 2003, with the advocacy of procuratorial undertakings, I admitted to the city procuratorate and engaged in investigation supervision. Review arrest is an important part of the investigation work. The forefront of criminal proceedings is both the first gate of law supervision.

The evidence is relatively thin, the parties are contradictory sharp, only 7 days of handling the deadline, etc. is a huge challenge for this phase, which has a high requirements for theoretical skills and practical experience. In the face of such a challenge, I just gave yourself a goal, I didn’t do it, and I made every case into an iron case. Soon after work, I took over the international credit card fraud case. The case was the first case in Jinan, and even in the country, there is no valuable reference basis. Two foreign criminal suspects sell forged international credit cards to two Chinese, then four people crazyly swipe their cards in many provinces, bringing huge losses to domestic banks.

After acceptance, I found that the lack of the lack of identification of the authenticity of international credit card involved in the case. According to the practice, it is necessary to transfer evidence to foreign issued lines, but this is within the 7-day handling period, go to the French to find relevant banks to complete the proceed date. The task is not possible at all.

However, if the suspect is not arrested for insufficient evidence, follow-up investigation will fall into passive.

In the face of this difficulty, I have passed the consultation of the consultation, I found a new way of handling the case – decided to use the VISA card to set up the proof of the issuance of the issuance of the issuance, and guide the public security organ to fly to Shanghai, and finally in the review of the arrest. This powerful evidence has been added to make four criminal suspects were successfully batched and finally sentenced. The success of the case has also provided a reference basis for the lanes in Jinan. In this way, Huairong is strict, and it is always my unremitting pursuit.

Day, I bury my head in a meal, rushing on the pillow, no matter how many night pillows are more difficult, how many days continue to fight, always insist on the fact that the facts of the facts are truly authentic, and use the focuses to dissymmelize the human feelings. In such accumulation, I am constantly grinding.

It is not afraid that the challenge is not afraid of difficulties, dare to smash the hard bones, win the attack and strive to fight, the new cases have increased, and the difficult complexity is significantly increased, and more severe is that there is no previous example, and there is no previous experience. In the face of many "first cases" case, I was brave enough to explore, boldly argued, put forward many of the lanes that were an effective solution to judicial practice inspections, and successfully set a "first example" case. "

For example, everyone is familiar with the "720" Ditch Oil Case. In the case, the criminal suspect recovered waste oil after the use of catering enterprises, which was the common "Ditch Oil" of the people. After simple filtration, they pretended to sell new edible oil.

Because of the huge interest, the number of people involved in the production, the sales range and multiple provinces and cities, the number of victims is more difficult to count.

We must handle the criminals in accordance with the law.

Just picking up the case, I found a tricky difficulty in front of you. Because the case is not only the first "Ditch Oil" case in Jinan, it is extremely rare in the country. Although everyone thinks that "Ditch Oil" may be unhealthy and unhealthy, at the time, the state did not identify standards for "Ditch Oil", There is no relevant judicial interpretation.

The case is not progress, and a little comrade in the task force is anxious, and some are red, but we don’t believe this hard bone. After repeated research-related charges, we decided that "Ditch Oil" was used as a breakthrough in a breakthrough. After in-depth research and extensive contact, I finally found a carcinogenic identification body in Beijing to detect the existence of carcinogen in the ditch oil.

The acquisition of this key evidence has effectively promoted the progress of cases, and the ultimately suspects have been rope them. The success of this case has also contributed to the introduction of relevant judicial interpretations, thereby providing a basis and follows, and striving for the safety of the people’s tipping. In the overhead of the attack, I am more determined. Since I have a mission, I should go forward, since I have chosen the brilliance of justice, I have to pay a satisfactory answer to the party and the people.

Under the heart of the heart, I’ve got the mid-to-the-year, and I came to the Ninth Procurator, and the working position was turned to the minor inspection by the investigation supervision. The healthy growth of minors, is relating to the happiness of thousands of families, and the harmony and stability of society are more related to the future and hope of the nation. Unknown work is an important part of the prosecutor to participate in the modernization of national governance systems and governance.

In the new position, I turned the work ideas in time, driving the city’s non-inspected work to the direction of the minor, integrated, comprehensive, comprehensive judicial protection.

In the work, I deeply felt that the child’s growth, beautiful and more grinding, along the way, beautiful scenery will have wind and rain.

Children in the way, may be lost in the direction, and some children may be accidentally injured.

As an unsatisfactory police, it is necessary to provide strong judicial protection for the growth of minors to guard their dreams.

I have been facing a psychological issue because of family contradictions, or because I don’t understand the trouble win, or because I can’t control my emotions, I’m confident that the criminal act is committed to seeing that confusion and childishness. Face, we do our utmost to guide them to get out of the way and recognize the front road. We took the first to conduct a study in the whole province to carry out the work of the union of sin. There is a problem of differences and the problems of vacuum in minors who are not full of criminal responsibility, and have been rated as 10,000 people in 2020.

Those children who have been mistaken, after a second patient and meticulous help, understanding mistakes, change since the new, some have a college, some learned a skill, seeing their eyes, re-flashing the hope, I feel very pleased. I also faced a criminal black hand to hurt the destroyed child, seeing the pain of injured children, and I feel responsible for the tears of their parents. We propose a standardized handling case, full-time protection, and stereochemical prevention and construction of unsuccessful one-stop prosecutor system. After adequate demonstration and negative communication with relevant departments, ultimately United City Education Bureau, Municipal Public Security Bureau, Municipal Justice Bureau, Municipal Guard The Tourist Committee, the Municipal Committee, the Municipal Women’s Federation, etc. will signed the "Opinions on Strengthening the Protection of Unsharmonic Rights", providing a systematic compliance and work guide for comprehensive comprehensive protection of underage victim rights.

In the city’s guidance, we have built 12 universal victims "one-stop" to avoid unsuccessful victims, "secondary harm", helping them out of the haze.

Let’s work together, let the crime of infringing minors are severely punished, let the black hands that reach the child are cut off, let the victims of the pain go out of the shadow, so that the victims will re-ignite the hope of life. I am more determined, and the healthy growth of minors is a unshirkable responsibility and taken.

From the inspection of 18 years, there is a payment, there is gain, and it is touched, and I will understand that there is faith in my heart, and there is active on my shoulder. There is strength under the foot. In the political and legal team education, I will complete the tasks, polish the brightness of loyalty and clean, and improve the hard work of justice as the people.

In the future, I will still don’t change my heart, the passion is not retreating, and I’m going forward, in the intention of the judiciary, the most beautiful Fanghua, the painting no regrets! (Figure / Wen Jinan City Committee Committee) (Editor: Liu Yingwei, Xing Manhua).