Ruisi, Zhejiang: Green Giant comes! Shanhai Association rushes to work together

Ruisi, Zhejiang: Green Giant comes! Shanhai Association rushes to work together

  10:10 am June 25, D5472 "Green Giant" Revival EMU train whistle, saving the Taizhou West Railway Station, sailing in Zhejiang, Zhejiang, China The Jintai Railway of the Cooperation Dream is officially opened. This means that Jinhua Pan’an and Taizhou Xianju have ended the history of the train, filled the blank of the railway network in the middle and east of Zhejiang.

  The opening of the Golden Tower Railway has caused a lot of netizens’ attention.

According to Xinhua Ruixi system, in the past week, there have been 3994 related information about "Jintai High Speed ??Rail" on the Internet. Among them, the peak period of information release is 1399, and the frequency is higher. Thermatology is: Tourism, Train, Train, Development, Construction.

  The opening of the Golden Tower Railway has special significance to Zhejiang.

It is the first electrified railway that Zhejiang is mainly built. The route is moving towards, Jingyi, Yongkang, Pan’an, Yunyun, Xianju, Linhai, Jiaojiang, Huang Yan, Luqiao, etc., connected to Taizhou Station, Taizhou South Station, Taizhou Station, and head door The Hong Kong branch enters Headmenwan District, the whole length, for the passenger and goods, 160 km. Walking in the mountains of Chongshan, the construction is difficult to understand. Jintai Railway successfully realized many "first" in the history of Zhejiang Railway Construction. The contracting section has 6 tunnel groups, long kilometers, more than half of the pipelines. In the past 5 years, the Jin Tai Railway went through the mountain cross-sea, and the 134 bridges were raised, and more than 300 construction problems were set, and the drawings became reality. For the mountainous area where the mountain is located in the mountains, there is no railway, the completion of the Golden Tower Railway is a "gold opportunity" of "going out".

At present, Zhejiang Zhengqiao Development Construction is a common prosperity demonstration area, and the four-way railway network is not only responsible for important transportation hubs, but also opens "one door" along the urban economy.

In the past, agricultural products should be transported to Hangzhou and other areas, mainly through road transportation, and now the Golden Tower Railway is opened, and it can give full play to the advantage of the railway transportation. Not only is "going out", after the opening of the Jintai Railway, it will directly connect directly to the core port area of ??Taizhou Port and the Zhejiang Logistics Hub Jinhua, Yiwu, which has added a new section of the coastal port group in Zhejiang. The rear of the port logistics. Analysis points to this, this will further improve the capacity of Railway Shanhai Cooperative channel, improve the railway network layout and regional integrated transportation system in the Yangtze River Delta area, greatly shorten the time and space of the Silk Road on the Land Silk Road and the Sea Silk Road.

  Zhejiang on the track is accelerating speeding.

Lake Hang Railway, Hangwen Second Phase Railway, Qi Railway, Jinjian Railway and other projects are accelerating construction, Hanghai City Railway will also be completed in the recent, Zhejiang Province "One hour" traffic circle to create a fast forward button ", To hug a bigger" friends circle ".

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