The most beautiful winter Olympic city shows the most beautiful scenery more than 40 landscapes, all the way to each other

The most beautiful winter Olympic city shows the most beautiful scenery more than 40 landscapes, all the way to each other

Original title: The most beautiful Winter Olympic city showed the most beautiful scenery driving in the Winter Olympics of Jingyin Road, Union Road, Jingli Expressway, etc. The Winter Olympics is approaching, recently, the environment of the Winter Olympics in Yanqing District is close to the end, the traffic trip, the streets, the streets, the streets, the newly-exterior: 40 Winter Olympians, all the way, 110 back streets alley completed "microecology " Winter Olympics is visible to the south of the South Luolongji Mountain Community Road, Jingyin Road, and a set of landscapes in the theme of "Pure Ice Passion". In the Great Wall, high mountain skiing and other exercise elements, the white pigeons, such as peace and friendship, etc., is made to the pattern or text, simple. "This landscape is 7 meters long. The overall graph is derived from infinite symbols ‘∞’, meaning that Yanqing’s future development potential is unlimited, exciting, and also expresses the expectation of Winter Olympics.

Qiao Road, the Environmental Construction Management of Urban and Rural Environmental Management Center, Yanqing District, said.

Always along the Yinshi Road, in the north, the key hub connected to the Beijing-Banking Road and Winter Olympics – Xinjiabao Bridge, 30 meters long, 8 meters high 8 meters high "happiness" Winter Olympic landscape device, bright There are three gold medals such as Great Wall, World Garden, and Winter Olympics. The lights on the night are very shine; in Dong’ao Town – Zhang Shanying Zhenshui Village, danced lines in Hainau mountain rolling mountain , Ice and snow, flying peace pigeons, white flawless snow, fluttering ribbons, etc. to pass the rich meanings of "Beautiful Yanqing Passion".

"Winter Olympians like this, more than 40 in the main roads leading to the Division, all the way to people enter the competition, let the winter culture look at it, stopping the view, entertaining." Qiao Road said.

"One Alley One Specator" shows the most beautiful winter Olympian people to the Winter Olympics, the beautiful landscapes are gradually present; stroll through the Yanqing City, the Winter Olympic cultural wall also makes the Winter Olympics. Located in the southern part of Yanqing City, the Winter Olympic Wall, which is approximately 800 meters, has just been built shortly. On the snow-white wall of the gray snapped, the game scene of the Winter Olympic Silhouette murals, ice hockey, ice makers, and Nordic, etc., showing the storm of the Olympic athletes and the charm of sports competition.

On the unfurtive grancom cultural wall, the Winter Olympics and the Winter Disabled Emblem, the interactive mascot, a variety of competitions, attracting residents to taking photos.

Hongchuan North Road, Grig Road is the theme of Winter Olympics, and the retired cadres live more concentrated in the merits of red cultural streets, reflecting the red cultural street, reflecting the redness of the revolutionary martyrs in the year; the emerging three-zone entrance road around the school Become a national cultural street. "At present, there are 19 unique cultural atmospheres in Yanqing, green ecological, red spirit, core value, etc.

One street of cultural, one alley, the historical and cultural, era connotation of these street blocks, has become a window that shows the most beautiful winter city culture. "Huo Shikai, head of the Environmental Environment, Yanqing District Urban Management Committee, said.

110 Back Street Alleys, the new winter Olympics is in full swing, and the life of Yanqing residents also brought the real bonus. Around the most beautiful winter Olympic city, this year’s Yanqing District "Microscale" is "microecology" in the 110 back streets, and the short plate is functioning.

Hengan Community is an old community in Yanqing City, and there are 2 streets such as Xincheng Road, 4 back streets. Previously, residents had a lot of environmental complaints. "I am raining, the small ceiling upstairs will leak, go out of the road to pothoish, rain, gas water, really do not trick!" Resident Lao Li, who lives in Heng’an Community, said.

This year, the Urban Management Committee of Yanqing District is aimed at the constraints of Heng’an district, the road is clean, the wall is clean, the sewage pipeline is dredging, and the residents of Hengan Community No. 1, No. 1, have been solved, old Li He’s neighborhood gave a lot of praise. Since this year, the streets in Yanqing City have repaired the damaged pavement of 10,000 square meters, damage to the facade, nearly 260,000 grafts, a batch of beautiful, harmonious and livable special streets to take happiness Get feeling. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.