The epidemic will make the Mayor of Sydney Chinatown, instead of supporting its development.

The epidemic will make the Mayor of Sydney Chinatown, instead of supporting its development.

People’s Network Sydney November 9th According to the Australian Broadcasting Company "In jeopardy". However, it is gratifying that the Mayor of Sydney City, Moore Moore, will continue to spend the development of Chinatown. Sydney Chinatown is located in the south of Sydney, in the sides of its main street Defin Street, Southern Northeast, each with a green-paint Chinese archway.

The ban on the South Side Archway is written with the "four-sea", and the north side is "Tongde Server" and is the landmark building in Chinatown. The contacts of Sydney Chinatown and China Immigrants can be traced back to the 19th century and have important historical and cultural significance.

Previously, the Sydney Municipal Government has repeatedly renovated Chinatown to create a neighborhood suitable for life, work and tour.

However, Kevin Zheng, the joint founder of Non-profit Organization "Soul" of Chinatown, said that Sydney Chinatown is "become obscured", many companies are in danger.

The New Rich Palace, which is located in Chibin Street, Sydney, has a history of 39 years. At the beginning of November, the restaurant announced that it will be suspended in December. Restaurant manager Koni Zhong Yudao, Xinfric Palace is the first restaurant in Australia. "Affected by new crown epidemics, restaurants cannot undertake any activities, no wedding, no corporate activities, no community activities," she said. Although Sydney’s restrictions have been relaxed, there is no tourists and international students, and many people are still working at home, and the dining industry in Chinatown is difficult.

But at the same time, the Daling Square that is separated from the 1st Street in Chinatown is booming. Connie Clock believes that after the opening of the Square, people have changed there to eat entertainment.

In August this year, one of the Sydney Symbolic Chinese Restaurants entered the bankruptcy management procedure.

The 60-year-old burn restaurant was closed in August 2020.

At the Dexin Street Mall, many "rental" markers posted on many stores are also very eye-catching.

Before the outbreak of the epidemic, the Chongqing Kowloon Ding Hot Pot Store can receive approximately 80 customers. The main shop of the store said that there are 20 domestic customers today to be a busy day. The latest liquidity data shows that people in Sydney have not recovered. In October 2021, the number of people who entered the retail and entertainment industry was half in January 2020. These data make the operators in Chinatown workers worry.

The new fruit and vegetable food market for Danny pays is in nearly 40 years, and its 80% of the income is served in the new rich palace. He said: "With the disappearance of these restaurants, people are increasingly do not need to stay in Chinatown, because the rent is expensive, the store is promoted, and it is too difficult to do business here.

"Many operators are still optimistic." My parents are very hard. They have already run this store for more than 30 years, and can withstand most of the wind waves, we will take a step, "Danny · Paid.

According to statistics, since 2010, the Sydney Municipal Government has invested 43 million Australian dollars in the city center, including building pedestrian streets and light rail projects on George Street.

In October of this year, the municipal government once again invested 5 million Australian dollars to renovate Dexin Street Shopping Center and the iconic Chinatown gate.

Despite the municipal allocation, Kevin Zheng said that this is not enough. He said: "The government is the reputation of Chinatown, but it has been ignored for many years.

"He believes that some areas of Sydney city are indeed developing, but Chinatown has been forgotten. Moore denied this saying, and admired that the municipal government will continue to support, publicize Chinatown." I understand that the company is indeed hiest, because blockade It has been so long.

We want to do our best to support the operator to get out of this period, this is why we spend this money to rejuvenate this city.

"(Li Yue) (Editor: Li Rong Yue, Xuemei).