The Municipal Consumer Protection Committee issued a shared charging treasure comparative test report to return to pay attention to the payment of personal information.

The Municipal Consumer Protection Committee issued a shared charging treasure comparative test report to return to pay attention to the payment of personal information.

Sharing charging treasure is not only getting more and more expensive, but "rent is easy to return".The "Sharing Charging Treasure Comparative Test" report released by the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee shows that 40% of consumers reflect the charging treasure for a long time after returning.

Moreover, many shared platform also alleged over-charging treasure to collect users’ personal information.

"After the return is still charging" of complaints accounted for four become sore point about shared service charge treasure, the City Consumer Protection Committee organized volunteers understand the consumer, while the relevant App and micro-channel public number and applets, small programs and other software Alipay personal information protection conducted a test involving the US group, street electricity, charging monster, little electricity and other brands.

According to statistics City Consumer Protection Committee, in charge treasure shared service complaints, 40% of consumers reflected charging treasure has been returned after a long period of time is still charging, the understanding, may be a system error, charging treasure inserted upside down or seated, the need for secondary click OK termination charge and other causes consumers to think that they returned success, but in fact did not stop accounting background, and there is no time to remind consumers. Observe also found 12 brands, only the "electricity belly full," the cabinet at the time of the return will be returned by voice reminder success, other brands are required to confirm whether or not consumers themselves return success. The system only when deductions or not returned for a long time, have a mobile phone alerts. Observe the experience of those who have encountered that returned successfully, but the actual unsuccessful. For example, there is a physical button on the "power search" charging treasure, sometimes the needs of consumers after the return push of a button stopped billing, but no reminders; "US group" and other brands are part of the cabinet is vertically inserted into the charging Bao, need to gently push hard to return again into success.

Rent easily return difficult in the complaint, 23% of consumers are reflected in the After charging treasure use, due to the small nearby outlets, no cabinet space, closed at night to block or man-made reasons difficult to find vacant cabinet, resulting in not timely return to be continued charges, contact customer service can not provide a solution. Observe also found that "electric belly full," "wake up electricity" and some other cabinet address label is unknown, to be making inquiries to find, "V power" "call out electricity", "cloud charge it on the" "search electricity" App, applets because there is no detailed address label or wrong, that comes with the navigation route or distance error and other reasons can not find your rack, while there is no shared address label or brand charging treasure to be replaced and so on.

For these problems, contact customer service can not get the solution immediately.

Understand the person was because the "street power" cabinet filled and need to spend time looking for another empty rack return, return after a timeout to get through billing contact customer service resulting therefrom. Price identity is not significant, the fees are unreasonable complaints, 4% of consumers reflect price marking is not significant, the same brand of billing unit is 30 minutes and 60 minutes are two, prices vary, likely to mislead consumers, and use a few minutes should follow a half-hour or one hour billing.

Observe also found that, although the brand in return for free within 2-5 minutes, but more than one minute billing unit will be calculated as 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

"Search electricity", "street power" "US group" "Monsters charge" will store information on App, a small program marked price, all brands will be on site as price displayed after the scan code, the price of 30 minutes or 60 minutes to units, common price range of 2-5 yuan / 60 minutes or yuan / 30 minutes. The price of different brands in the same area there is a difference, the same brand are different in different parts of the price, even if the same brand (such as: "Electric Street," "US group") in the prices of different stores on the same floor there are also different.

Excessive collection and transmission of personal information on personal information security issues at present consumers may encounter when using the shared treasure charging process, the City Consumer Protection Committee on a number of shared charging treasure were tested.

The results show that more common phenomenon include: "Search electricity" App first run, the user authorization prior to agree to the privacy policy regarding the collection of personal information; "times electricity" without consent, or when the user clicks every five minutes and more time necessary to collect non-personal information, the frequency beyond the actual needs; "street power" and without the user’s consent or without making to anonymize personal information directly to a third party; "US group" and other unspecified App collected in the privacy policy personal information purposes, methods, scope; "small power", etc. when applying for permission to open the user is not informed of the collection synchronization purposes. City Consumer Protection Committee on issues related to the protection of personal information and enterprise feedback, and urge enterprises to rectify their problems, has received a rectification report "street power" "small power" "US group" and other brand operators.

Such as "street power" means removed App "call" rights, the new push to stop for personalized, launch, turn off the option; "small power" made it clear that after communication with the micro-channel and Alipay, and the number has been canceled public collect and share information on gender applets; "US group" App version has been upgraded, updated privacy policy, and said it would build more intuitive modification system privileges pop descriptions.

City Consumer Protection Committee: acquiring user information required to fulfill the obligation for sharing charging treasure found in the comparison test, the City Consumer Protection proposed three suggestions: First, the proposed share charge treasure operators implement the main responsibility, whether in their own App or the use of micro-channel pay when doing business treasure platform, compliance with relevant laws and regulations, a legal, legitimate and necessary to the principle of minimizing collect user information, and strictly fulfill the obligation, to enhance the security of data transmission, even if App users use frequency high should also be timely maintenance upgrades. Second, it advised consumers to use before sharing charge treasure, carefully read the privacy policy, permissions given prompt attention, do not blindly apply excessive given the relevant permission, do not allow privacy of personal information collected unreasonable.

Third, recommended that consumers use to share charge treasure, preferred multi-brand outlets, pay attention to the relevant App or instant messaging applet, promptly confirm the success of the return, if the event of a dispute, the preservation of evidence such as screenshots or video to prepare for post defenders. (Editor: Gong Sha, Han Qing) Sharing let more people see.