The "scan code pumping red envelope" set on the express parcel is deep reporter: more induced card or consumption

The "scan code pumping red envelope" set on the express parcel is deep reporter: more induced card or consumption

    [The reporter experienced the code on the campaign "induced card or consumption] In the Nanjing One Express Station, the reporter observed that there were many express boxes, whether it is a top or pickup code, indeed accompanied a QR code. .

The above shows that there is a scan code, there is a red envelope, and there is a mobile phone. However, in the face of such a good thing, many citizens do not have their own.

  There is Nanjing citizen believes that there will be no free lunch, which is estimated to have a set. So if you sweep, can you get the so-called red envelope? The reporter randomly selected two package attempts to scan the code. The first claiming can take a box of instant noodles for free, and a lucky draw page will appear after scan code.

From the perspective of activity rules, the biggest is five thousand yuan shopping, and there is a chance to draw a cash red envelope of 10 yuan to 100 yuan, and a lucky blessing bag. After clicking the start button, the page shows a mobile phone icon, followed by a scratch card, sweeping after sweating in the year, quickly jump to the English learning platform, prompting you to enter personal information Submit registration.

The reporter did not die, try again, the second time I pumped a red envelope icon. This page jumps to a page of the mobile phone card, the big-free traffic pattern, can be seen again, the phone card is not free, handle It is necessary to charge the fee of 19 yuan per month. The second courier box is free of charge, but if you want to receive the coupon, you must first download the app for the offer merchant. After the scan code, you must find that you must also invite friends, and according to The rules can only be used through this platform. [Where is the small advertisement? Most of the express delivery company and business cooperation] I have been spent for a long time, not a card is consumption, then where is the small advertisement? Is credibility a few points? The reporter also consulted several express companies. Zhongtong Express customer service staff told reporters that the QR code on the courier list is normal to Zhongtong Express itself, and some activities may also be in harmony.

  Shentong Express customer service staff told reporters that only the promotions made by the third party platform. The customer service staff said that if there is any problem in participation, the courier company is not responsible, but to find an advertisement. [Lawyer: Induction of scanning code or suspected infringement personal information needs to be protected] Legal people said that the express parcel is similar to scanning a red envelope behavior, which is generally induced by consumers to purchase products or services, or induce filled in personal information, suspected of infringement.

  Jiangsu Thai and Law Firm Lawyer Ling Jianhao said that the "Consumer Rights Protection Law" clearly stipulates that when merchants provide goods and services, the information provided should be accurate and must not make misleading for consumers.

In addition, for personal information of consumers in the consumption process, the purpose, way, range of collecting information should be informed, while consumers agree. If the purpose of the merchant scanning is to induce consumers or induce consumers, this may infringe the right to know and choose consumers, violapses the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and if they collect consumers’ personal information Also suspected of violating the related rights and interests of consumer personal information. Jiangsu Radio and Television Terminals · Rong Media News Center reporter / Yang Wen Zhang Xinyu editor / Hu Chao.